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Terms of Use:

Design Gallery Graphics

Graphics offered in the Design Gallery are for your use on web sites whether you are an amateur or professional designer. There is NO charge for commercial use! NO license is required! (How 'bout that?) The only thing you cannot do is include my designs or templates in any library or gallery for display or sale on any other site, in any CD or for sale through any entity unless permission is requested beforehand and payment procured for the right to do so.

You may alter and/or modify any of these graphics as well as add text to blank elements. To do this, you will need a graphics creation program such as PaintShop Pro or Photoshop. Tutorials are available online to assist you in doing this. Simply search for it on your favorite search engine.

A link to Windyweb.com must be provided on each page where you use at least one of my graphics. If this is not possible and if the link interferes with the page content, a link in a resource page with proper acknowledgement is allowed and appreciated. Link choices can be found here. Remember, I do this for you as a free service and the only benefit is when a reciprocal link is provided back to my site. It's also very much appreciated.

Exceptions to this rule are allowed in the case of Intranet usage and for commercial web sites created by other web designers. In this case, however, a link on their personal site as a resource would be much appreciated. I repeat. YES! These designs MAY BE USED to design your clients' sites! NO! You will not be required to pay any licensing fee!! A little link on your site, however... well, you know. And as a matter of honesty, please do not falsely represent the creator of the graphics. If someone asks... let them know where you got them.

You may NOT redistribute these graphics. You may NOT include these graphics on a compilation CD or in bulk on a free graphics compilation or collection site on the World Wide Web WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE and my consentual agreement. Free graphics collection web sites are welcome and encouraged to add a link to the Web Design Gallery. If you would like to include my graphics in a collection CD, please contact me. I will require a license fee for this purpose.

And that's it. See? Not so tough... :)

People have asked to use the design elements created in the development of my studio - ie: the tabs, the mouseover into the bar, etc... so I am forced to say that the graphics and html code used to develop the Web Design Studio may NOT be used by anyone. These are copyrighted to Windy's Design Studio LLC. Only link-back buttons and the graphics offered in the design gallery and the templates are available free to the public.

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