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Question: Any ways to make flash files?
Hi Windy -
I am interested in learning how to make some simple (more progressive perhaps,as I can get into it) flash pages, banners, and graphics. However, is there any way other than purchasing the Macromedia Flash 5 kit which runs a hefty sum of about $300 or so (maybe a bit more). I know they have a trial version to download first to see if you like it. I have not even tried that because the exorbitant amt. of money has made me shy away from it.

I see SO SO many web pages out there that have used FLASH. I just find it hard to believe that so many people have invested the $300 or more for the software kit.

Is there anyway you know of to get around this - or other software, utilities to use to come up with some pretty decent flash pages/graphics etc.

Thanks in advance..

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Please help!!!

I'm trying to set up a small handmade jewellery business, and one step towards this is making a portfolio to promote and sell each necklace, but I'm having problems displaying the jewellery as the background gets too 'busy' for some of the pieces. Do you have any suggestions?

Also There are a wide range of coloured beads that I use, how can I ensure that the coloured background is doing the necklace justice?

Any ideas would be a great help!
Kind regards,

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Question: How do I work with background image?
I just went to Backgrounds, chose Fazed Gradients because my friend used one, and downloaded the thm_grey.jpg. Problem-- on the webpage I'm creating, this image repeats itself all the way across the page, not what I had in mind at all. My friend who used same image has the single image filling the entire page ( I like this background because it gives the "look of" a real page in an opened "book".)What am I doing wrong? How can I get a background image to not "repeat"? I have missed out on the basics of this I guess because I don't have a clue how to get a background looking the way I know it can! Many thanks for your help.

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Question: How do you get an .art background picture to work on a webpage?
Backgrounds: How do you get an .art background picture to work on a webpage? I see backgrounds that say they are JPEG, but when I click to save, it only wants to save with the *art background. And THAT does not work on my webpage.

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Question: How do you customize the address bar in IE?
On www.windyweb.com, when viewed through the IE browser, you have an icon to the left of your address that takes the place of the standard IE web page icon. How do you do that?

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Question: How do I download a background?
I want to use one of your backgrounds on my desk top.How do I download it?

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Question: Flash: What if I can't use the same directory?
Is there a way that I can use a banner on my page, even if I can't put the zip file in the same directory?

I Unzipped the downloaded file, but I couldn't place it in the same directory as your html page. To embed the flash banner on my page, I copied and pasted the code in the grey box to my page, replacing "flashfile.swf" (designated in the color red with the actual name of the flash banner I downloaded.

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Question: how do you post information provided on a form in an email instead of posting it to a server?
Usually we provide information on a form and then click on SUBMIT button and the information will be posted to the desired server. However, if I do not want to submit information to the server but to a person in an email format, can i do that?

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