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Question: what is the best language for designing a web site?
I am designing a web site as a project, but i dont know what lanuage i am suppose to use,html,dhtml,frontpage,word,dreamwear and java .
please help me

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Question: How do u insert lots of hyperlinks into a single graphic
I want to insert lots of links into a graphic. I find it a waste of time to divide a picture into several files and then using HTML, allocate a hyperlink to each graphic file

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Question: how do you "protect" your site from right click?
recently i was on a site and i liked a graphic but when i right-clicked it, as window poped up telling me to get permission to copy their things. How would i do this on my site?

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Question: How do you code, non-scrolling background with scrolling text
How do you code, non-scrolling background with scrolling text. I want my text to scroll and the background to stay stationary.

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Question: Scrollbars and Tables
How do you put a scrollbar on a section of a table, so you can scroll the text in one section without moving the rest?

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Question: How do you protect your bandwidth?
I was wondering if you have any suggestions for protecting a domain's bandwidth?

I know there's the simple "no right click" javascript and I've seen some hosts provide a "password protected subdirectory" - is that the same thing I see when graphic sites give you a little password and username to enter before viewing things?

Do you have any other suggestions? :)

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Question: How do you align buttons in different browsers?
I am trying to create buttons that align with the background image. However, I've noticed there is a two pixel difference between Netscape and Explorer. These are gif images inside a table. Explorer seems to push the image two more pixels to the right than Netscape does. This makes it hard to align the button images with the background. How can I ensure that both browsers display the image in the exact same place?

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Question: How do make iframes not scroll?
I have a web page in which I am using transparent iframes. If the page is scrolling because it is too long, not only does the frame scroll, but the browser scrolls as well. How can I get rid of the browser scroll?

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Question: How do I set up my e-mail link?
I am creating a webpage for the first time, so I am a little slow at this. I am trying to set up a link that someone can click on to e-mail me. I tried doing this by putting my e-mail address in the link location box, but this did not work. I know my system has to be set up to do this but I just don't know how.
Please help! Thank you.

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Question: How do I make a background go across a frames page?
I am designing a website in Microsoft Front Page using frames. I would like the background that I am using to be across the full page instead of on both frames in a page. The picture is stopping in one frame and then starting up again in the next. I am not sure if this can be done, but I was wondering if you could help. Thanks.

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Question: How do I put the background on my page?
I want to use one of the backgrounds for my web page, how can i download the background onto my web page ?

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Question: FrontPage Extensions for forms & counters.
How do you load and use FrontPage 98 extensions for forms and counters?

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Question: How do you code a delta symbol
I am trying to code a delta symbol, and and I have the code
Δ, but it isn't working. Is there a Character I can type

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Question: How to add a border graphic.
I am very confused! I don't understand how to add a border graphic. There is something about using a table, but no one explains it very clearly, could you?

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Question: How do you embed a midi?
I'm having trouble viewing an embedded midi on my page. I've never attempted this before. What am I doing wrong?

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Question: How can I code tab buttons correctly?
I had a question where I found the folder tab buttons on your page! the problem is that I want to use a single table under it and when I put the table I would see the folder tabs then a white blank space then the table! how can i take away the blank space and instead of the blank space have the same color as the folder tabs?

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