White Rose Template

Hearts and roses have always represented love and romance. How very appropriate for a nice love letter - or loving remembrance of that special person in your life. This simple - yet elegant - template would work well with something very personal you want to share with someone.

For the commercial sites, this would work well with a personals or matchmaking theme... or even a florist could use this elegant style to sell their wares.

Included with the template is a blank banner for you to add your own message at the top. A horizontal bar gives you the ability to add something between thoughts... and the bullets:

- a heart, and
- a little white rose.

The site looks fine without the menu bar at the top. However, if you have several pages you wish to reference in your web site, I've created a menu bar that fits nicely above the banner to give the finished look to a corporate site. To eliminate these, simply delete the table labeled "Menu Bar". If you decide to keep the bar and wish to add your links to this Menu Bar, bring the blank bar (menubar.gif) into your imaging software program and simply type in your own link titles. To create an image map, you can do it online at or download MapEdit.

And that's it. Enjoy using this template! Just remember to place a link telling folks where you got it - for FREE! :)

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