Rosebud Template

A simple rosebud speaks volumes with this template design. Subtle enough but the colors give leeway to a wide range of web site topicality.

Included with the template is a blank banner for you to add your company name and logo at the top with plenty of room for contact information. A horizontal bar gives you the ability to add something between thoughts... and the bullet is sized for a little manipulation:

- Sized at 11 pixels, it's just right as a bullet.

Navigation has been created in two formats. You can opt to use the menubar at the top of the page... or you can add buttons down the right side of the page. Should decide to use the menubar, bring the blank bar (menubar.gif) into your imaging software program and simply type in your own link titles. To create an image map, you can do it online at or download MapEdit.

And that's it. Enjoy using this template! Just remember to place a link telling folks where you got it - for FREE! :)

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