End of the Storm Template

The gorgeous scene to the left is fixed. Amazing color, isn't it? You can add buttons or banners to the left area (pix.htm) if you wish, but I preferred to leave it as is. This is a framed site and the frameset is a little complex, but it's set up so it views well from 800x600 resolution on up. Even at 640x480 it's okay, but watch your content or it will create a horizontal scrollbar at the bottom. :)

The pages created for this template are named:

  index.htm (the frame properties designation page)
  pix.htm (the beautiful snow scene to the left)
  top.htm (where your company name and text links reside)
  bottom.htm (where the bottom fixed frame resides w/no content)
  mtop.htm (this has no function except to provide the gradient shading in the body of the page at the top.
  mbottom.htm (same as mtop.htm but provides the bottom shadow - duh!)
There are 3 bullets available for this set:


The horizontal bar below is created at a width of 469 pixels... but by adjusting the width of the bar, you may make it shorter by putting a different width in the image tag. I've adjusted the size down to 350 pixels here:

Notice I have used the top of the screen for text links. Alternatively, I've provided you with 3 button colors to work with so you can use them in any combination you wish for mouseover effects or whatever you feel comfortable with. I would use them lined up in the main section, though. Could be tricky using them in the top area.


For the Javascript Savvy Developer:
Here you will see that I've used a javascript for a mouseover/onclick event. Mouseoff is the coral, mouseover is the orchid and onclick is the copper tone. You can see the javascript in the main.htm code for this effect. Can be labor intensive, though, because you will need to make 3 buttons for each title (about us, contact, etc) and add all of them to the list in the javascript and making sure each one is "named" properly (img01, img02, img03, etc).

And that's it. Enjoy using this template! Just remember to place a link telling folks where you got it - for FREE! :)


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